Why SanArts

As a public, tuition-free, and community driven arts conservatory, hosted exclusively by Santa Ana High School, we are dedicated to providing our talented artists a dual approach in which they are encouraged to explore and refine their individuality, while simultaneously acquiring and applying critical industry knowledge, insight, and skill-sets.

Here students will acquire a personalized program of study where they will develop their skills within and across five artistic disciplines: music (vocal and instrumental), dance, theatre, cinematic arts, and visual art & design. We strongly believe our ­collaborative dynamic not only provides our students an unparalleled fulfilling environment, but most importantly, allows them the ability to authentically manifest their craft.

We consider our core differentiator (among all other art conservatories) our ability to provide our young artists exclusive sessions with highly revered artists and legends in a community geared and intimate setting. Our master class core component allows students to not merely marvel at our experts’ talent and knowledge, but take these lessons (based in instruction and insight) and apply them to further explore their individual craft, story, and purpose.  

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To foster socially conscious artist scholars with the skills to adapt and thrive in our ever-changing world.   

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To develop a nationally-recognized arts school that provides the students of Santa Ana with access to a conservatory-level, college-preparatory high school education.   

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We listen to students.  We encourage student voice and choice.  We cater to student-preferences and interests.


We encourage exploration.  We expose students to multiple possibilities and pathways.  We open doors.  We value diverse skill sets.    


We celebrate strengths.  We value individuality.  We create possibilities.  We are inclusive.


We strive for artistic precision and academic excellence.  We pay attention to detail.  We critique and revise. We persist in the creative process.